Saturday, September 5, 2009

Salut September!

What's kickin' it in fashion at the moment for me?

Mary-Kate Olsen is one. Plus faux fur pieces - like neck pieces (Russian style, like what I'm wearing right now) and especially vests with gorgeous fur hoods. I also like Karen Walker sunglasses - and the above modelled by Mary-Kate reminds me of Walker's current sunglasses style. (Above picture from Mary-Kate's shoot with Nylon magazine).

Inspiration workspaces with the aid of a wall collage - or what some people also like to call 'vision boards' - a board that is covered with pictures of things that encompass your dreams in life + soul's desires.

Garment racks: an excellent means of displaying your clothes and gaining clarity in managing your own wardrobe (which will be incredibly useful in assembling outfits).

The above two pictures are from Faux-Beau blog.

Street style + faux leather bags - more in the deep, shiny black vinyl sense. This picture was taken from the blog:

New Dangerfield Spring stock (cutesy tight body trim fit ~ floral and nineties-esque ala L7 era).

...and Diva & Lola Dompe because everything they do/wear is cool :D