Sunday, March 15, 2009

Vice magazine takes L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Week out into daylight.

Okay, so Vice magazine is possibly the biggest, most abruptly outspoken magazine in Australia (that I know of) with high potential to offend almost anyone at some point with their pranks + jokes & critiquing. As crude as they usually are, they probably should get a medal for some of their courageous feats - (that actually can make a person laugh out loud when at a computer at university, when they really should be immersed in their research on tiger-snakes in the Amazon). Take for example Vice's experiment on this week's Melbourne L'oreal Fashion Week (which kicked off on Sunday). Their scientific aim was to take "a few of our favourite looks from last year’s festival and hit the streets to see whether we could find evidence of the catwalk on the sidewalk." Check out their investigative report here.

I know I'm still laughing.

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