Monday, January 26, 2009

Twilight Madness

Clearly this movie has swept pop cinema fans by storm. It has everything young (even old) movie buffs thirst for: love, romance, drama, action, vampires, Clare de Lune. Edward Cullen & Bella Swan are basically the new Romeo Montague & Juliet Capulet.

I was totally stoked to see Kristen Stewart play this role. I've admired her acting style ever since she played young Sarah in Panic Room beside Jodie Foster. Man, she was so funny in that film. And then she played that incredible, yet confronting, role in the 2005 film, 'Speak' (Also a must see).

Plus her mum is an Aussie & on her wikipedia page, it claims that she wants to come study at the Sydney University. I also remember reading a long time ago, like in 2003, that she was actually a surfer..!
She is one cool cat.

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