Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back from the big week spent yonder . . .

I'm back from World Youth Day in Sydney and now home. I didn't get to do a lot of shopping whilst there (which I have no complaints about as it helped me experience a more authentic pilgrimage) but during the small amount of time we were given to roam the streets of Sydney's CBD, my friend & I discovered the dignified little tea shop off the Pitt Street Mall called, 'The Tea Centre,' at the last minute before re-joining our pilgrimage group! It is also known as, "The Glasshouse," and is so cosy!! They sell 180 different teas!! - Yum! :)
Here I bought a small tea box along with a little package of Cream tea; a black tea blend of caramel and vanilla.

There are several Tea Centres throughout New South Wales, Queensland and ACT. Check for stockists on their website; you can even order tea online!!! How cool!

I will definitely re-visit this shop to buy more tea if I am lucky enough to be in the same location as one.

World Youth Day was so amazing - more on that to come - as well as my mother's birthday, which was today!!! Hooray for my mum! I'm also jet-setting to Melbourne next week to see Band of Horses - but more on that much later. So much to post - so little patience! But for now, enjoy reading about exotic teas and learning about the benefits of tea on the Tea Centre website.


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