Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Yesterday, I turned 21 :) And I was very "grateful" (pardon the pun) to discover that The Grates, sounding and looking as beautiful as ever, had put up their first single, 'Burn Bridges,' from their upcoming sophomore album, 'Teeth Lost, Hearts Won' on their myspace on June 10th. This was a very special finding as The Grates are so renowned for their fun 'party-vibe' birthday charm - particularly in their live shows :)

For those of you in Australia, you may have caught some of The Grates' video diaries on JTV on a Saturday morning that cover their recording journey with Peter Katis (this guy holds very high credentials as he has recorded Interpol in the past). They have also been busy blogging it up on the WWW.

We can't wait for these Brisbane "Indie-Tropical-Showtunes" darlings to release their new record &, fingers-crossed, grace us with some more fun shows over the next few months ~*~

Click here for The Grates' blog, "Future or Otherwise".

For some fun, shoulder-shimmying, toe-tapping excellence, click here to listen to "Burn Bridges"!

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