Saturday, June 28, 2008

Daniel Stier

I had a little chuckle to myself after viewing this picture by photographer, Daniel Stier, from his collaborative project, 'Stepford Lives,' with writer, Jacques Peretti .

You can find more work by this satirical, socio-political-allusion-ist here:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Carlos Dengler Official Website

Someone has been quite the busy beaver offstage from Interpol.

Carlos D's website is now up where you can indulge as well as keep up to date with his numerous musical and film sideprojects. It includes his collaborations with Carlos' young director friend, Daniel Ryan, such as their movie 'Golgotha' and their soon-to-be-released project, 'My Friends Told Me About You' (dir. by Ryan and produced by Dengler).

And oh my goodness, Carlos has even created an orchestrated version of 'Pioneer to the Falls,' which can be found on the site too (And, oh, how tremendous it is!).

P.s. His dog's name is Guyus!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Electrelane Tourblog

Check it out here:
Let's wake them from their indefinite hiatus and back into tourland again.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pin the Moustache On Carlos D

We played this game at my 21st. It was quite hilarious and a lot of fun. I highly recommend it to anyone whose in the midst of planning a party.

Here's to making this a universal party game!

(My amigo used a Fish Eye 2 to capture some precious party moments).

Wrapping up my 21st...

This picture was taken at my party of my sister by our niece who accidentally covered the flash with her finger. It proves how the haphazard and accidental can result in quite beautiful pictures.

A special friend of mine gave me the most thoughtful and personalised present that was ever so meaningful for the two of us. The wrapping paper protecting this wonderful gift was extraordinarily beautiful - I just had to post it up. It was like a million dazzling cherries with icing on top; oh-so-beautiful.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Abbey Drucker

Abbey Drucker's website went under construction for a little while but it was well worth the wait. She has uploaded some very marvellous images including a "work in progress" depicting an Interpol photo tour diary. The images capture Interpol's world tour shows circa Antics '05 - from the streets of Amsterdam to behind the curtains of the, now defunct, Melbourne Metro Theatre. A ravishing set of black & white images indeed:


Yesterday, I turned 21 :) And I was very "grateful" (pardon the pun) to discover that The Grates, sounding and looking as beautiful as ever, had put up their first single, 'Burn Bridges,' from their upcoming sophomore album, 'Teeth Lost, Hearts Won' on their myspace on June 10th. This was a very special finding as The Grates are so renowned for their fun 'party-vibe' birthday charm - particularly in their live shows :)

For those of you in Australia, you may have caught some of The Grates' video diaries on JTV on a Saturday morning that cover their recording journey with Peter Katis (this guy holds very high credentials as he has recorded Interpol in the past). They have also been busy blogging it up on the WWW.

We can't wait for these Brisbane "Indie-Tropical-Showtunes" darlings to release their new record &, fingers-crossed, grace us with some more fun shows over the next few months ~*~

Click here for The Grates' blog, "Future or Otherwise".

For some fun, shoulder-shimmying, toe-tapping excellence, click here to listen to "Burn Bridges"!